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Касание [ТВ]
Touch TV
Год выпуска: 1985
Жанр: комедия, романтика, спорт, школа
Категория: TV сериалы (Рус. суб.)
Серии: 1-101 из 101

Режиссёр: Сугии Гисабуро
Снято по манге: Touch
Автор оригинала: Адати Мицуру

Братья-близнецы Тацуя и Кадзуя, а также их соседка Минами с самых ранних лет были вместе. Вместе играли, ели, принимали ванну… Обычные друзья детства… Прошло время и они подросли. Трудолюбивый Кадзуя стал любимцем всей округи, играя ведущую роль в школьной бейсбольной команде, тогда как безнадёжный лентяй Тацуя остался в тени славы брата, с чем легко смирился, несмотря на свои незаурядные способности. Однако с повзрослением ребята заметили, что рядом с ними есть и была одна очень прекрасная девушка, которая, сама того не подозревая, встала между ними. Внезапно Тацуя осознал, что готов уступить брату всё на свете, но только не красавицу Минами! Два брата-близнеца, одно лицо на двоих, два сердца, бьющихся в одном ритме, зеркально разнящиеся характеры и общая любовь. Кто выйдет победителем в негласном поединке за сердце прекрасной Минами?...


001. Who says we're twins!

002. Women's intuition! Worried about Tatsuya's talent

003. Involuntarily starting to join! Kazuya's troublesome name!?

004. Did you see? Didn't you see?! Minami's diary!!

005. High fever rally race! Such an accurate goal!?

006. The rumour's true!? Minami & Kazuya's worried families

007. Really!! Tatsuya and Minami's wedding clothes!?

008. Tatsuya in a fight!! The truth at the Kyodai showdown

009. Be careful of Tatsuya & Harada's friendship!

010. Everyone in the High School is in a worried mood!

011. Kitare baseball team! A subtle shift in Tatsuya's heart

012. First practice! Vigorous Kazuya & worn-out Tatsuya!?

013. Kazuya worried! Dear Koutaru's slump

014. Discontent? Minami & Kazuya are the best couple!?

015. This is trouble! Tatsuya slapped Minami!!

016. It's painful! Kazuya's heart is lemon-yellow!

017. First kiss! Too much love form Minami!?

018. Tatsuya's feelings are a little complex!

019. Forget, forget-me-not!? The important memories of two people

020. What's that? Tatsuya's tender chance encounter!

021. For the sake of Koushien, and yet Ka-chan

022. Keep on playing ball! Kazuya vs. Terashima!

023. Minami registered! She appeared!? Love's timely sudden change

024. Almost Koushien of one person, Minami's dream of one person!

025. Minami's longest day! Ka-chan, hurry up and come!

026. End of the match! However, without you. . .

027. A short summer . . . Goodbye, Ka-chan!

028. There's no ace for the baseball team. . .

029. What? Tender Ka-chan's boxer status!?

030. Odd circumstances how the glory of #1 came to be on his back

031. Tatsuya on the hill! Control is another story

032. Kazuya's dear wife, but the worry is about the stupid brother

033. Birth of a rhythmic gymnastics star! Minami has a natural gift!?

034. Good luck, Tatsuya! First game pitching makes the heart beat like a drum

035. One way or another you're cornered!? Current rumours of Minami!

036. A couple! Minami & Tatsuya's dangerous night!?

037. Aim for Koushien! Let's train together for now!!

038. First round preliminaries! Strategist Tat-chan enters!?

039. Show of competence! Nitta & Gatsu Nishimura are cool!!

040. Second round hot war! Tat-chan vs. Gatsu Nishimura

041. Rain prolongs the 11th! Two killed runs!! Batter Nishimura

042. One more extra inning!? The four-sided love affair about Minami

043. Shake up Tatsuya the ace!! Minami & Nitta's dangerous relationship!!

044. Yuka's detective story! Where did Minami & Tatsuya go?

045. Challenge to the ace! I'm Uyesugi's rival!!

046. Rival declaration! Surpassing Uyesugi Kazuya!!

047. Showdown with Sumiko! What!? Pitcher Yoshida!!

048. Uyesugi appears at last! Nitta, I'll be victorious!!

049. Brother, don't give up the top spot! Koushien's in sight!!

050. A date after school!? Minami & Nitta's dangerous relationship!!

051. Unacceptable!? Minami declares her love to Tatsuya!!

052. A love triangle! You're a bother!!

053. Tatsuya's extra-curricular lessons. . . Thinking too much about love!

054. Finally the last Koushien!!

055. Memories are too beautiful. . .

056. Don't surrender the ace position to anyone!

057. A puzzling new coach turns up!!

058. I'm Kashiwaba! I won't forgive the spoiled children!!

059. Tempest at the Meisei baseball club! Another problem after Minami leaves

060. Hard-fighting new coach! Minami's still number one

061. Hey Kashiwaba! Minami is the bet in the contest!!

062. Sepia-coloured couple! Minami & Nitta's beach story

063. The secret behind the sunglasses! What kind of person is Kashiwaba?

064. No rules of the practice game. We're watching the demon manager

065. Go for it, Minami! It's not suitable to give up

066. Minami is the student council president? An idol one way or another!

067. Oh-oh, we're beginning to see! Coach Kashiwaba's true character!!

068. Stop Tatsuya! Yuka's forced dating strategy!!

069. The Koushien dream! Don't rush your resignation!!

070. Summer is soon! How many more dropout troubles

071. Summer camp starts! Evil coach is waiting!!

072. Scarier than the demon? Lady Yuka's cooking camp!!

073. Chef Yuka! It's a long hard road to be a gourmet chef!!

074. Finally! Cooking battle between Minami & Yuka

075. End of the cooking trouble!? Secret taste is from Minami's spice

076. Thinking of the floor exercise! Minami is waiting for Tatsuya!?

077. First match of the competition! Now summer is here!!

078. Combination 1: Asakura Minami is 18! Now is the time for youth!!

079. Combination 2: Fight Meisei!! Kashiwaba doesn't scare us

080. First battle! We're not going to lose!!

081. First battle is no problem! The real enemy is Kashiwaba!?

082. I can see! Kashiwaba brother's secret

083. What will Tatsuya do in the second battle! Koutaro's big fix!!

084. Yuka-chan in danger!! Don't force the date so much

085. Unforgettable showdown?! Now he's back!

086. I'm not going to lose the third battle! Show you the ace battle!

087. Surprise!? Kashiwaba romance! Love this girl because she looks like Minami

088. It's not revenge!? No sign of the fourth battle!

089. Tatsuya's the ace? Under lots of pressure!?

090. Round before the semi-finals! Meisei vs. 3 pitchers!?

091. It's unexpected!? The game's not over yet!

092. Distressing image pile up! Tatsuya's more than Minami expected!

093. Here it comes! Coach's order! Wounded heart, enduring Kashiwaba's program!

094. In the middle of the semi-finals! Ta-chan going for the big new record!

095. Celebrate, victory of the finals! Our fate lies in Kashiwaba's hand!

096. One more to get to Koushien! Hope! Kazuya's promise

097. Go go Meisei! Play ball to victory!

098. Finals for whom!? Tatsuya, show you can do it!

099. No more chances!? It's coming! The Kashiwaba sign!

100. Let's win Meisei! Koushien is waiting for us!

101. New starting line, from Uyesugi Tatsuya to Asakura Minami. . .

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#2: Sandji2603 (30.12.2014 17:13) 0   Спам
Аниме великолепное и очень веселое и временами очень доброе и славное !!!))) это аниме одно из самых классных в жанрах спорт , романтика , драма , сюжет и персонажи просто шикарны рисовка для 80 гадов тоже великолепная !!!))) в общем я в восторге от этого не вероятно классного аниме, спасибо сайту ! и всей его команде за прекрасную и великолепную работу !!!))) а так же советую всем кто еще не смотрел это шикарное творение обязательно его посмотреть вы будете в восторге.
#1: каиса (06.02.2013 22:23) 0   Спам
Мило! Сюжет часто использовали, интересно оригинал посмотреть!!!! 342
1985! Круто! Смотрю с удовольствием!
после 45 серии-плохо наложены субтитры, не прочитать-съехали вниз!

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