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Драгонболл Кай
Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters
Год выпуска: 2014
Жанр: приключения, комедия, фэнтези, сёнэн
Категория: TV сериалы (Рус. озв.)
Озвучка: Shoker
Серии: 1-61 из 61

Снято по манге: Dragon Ball
Автор оригинала: Торияма Акира

Сон Гоку живет спокойной жизнью, но затем появляются враги из космоса, планирующие вторжение на Землю. Будущее человечества под угрозой. Сон Гоку со своими друзьями сражаются против врагов, но они едва не погибают в битве против значительно более сильного противника. У сына Сон Гоку Гохана репутация труса, но он приходит на помощь отцу и становится сильнее его на некоторое время.


01. 7 Years Since That Event! Starting Today, Gohan's a High Schooler

02. Found Out! The New Hero is Son Gohan

03. Gohan is the Teacher! Videl’s Introduction to Flight

04. The Dragon Team, All Assembled! Son Goku has Returned!!

05. Everyone is Shocked! Goten and Trunks’ Super Battle!!

06. A Troubling Premonition! The Appearance of a Mysterious Warrior!!

07. What’s the Matter, Piccolo?! An Unexpected Conclusion to the First Round

08. Videl is Worn Ragged, Gohan's Anger at its Limits!!

09. A Slithering Conspiracy!! Secrets of the Terrible Majin

10. The Heinous Mage Babidi and King of the Underworld Dabra`s Trap

11. Don`t Underestimate a Super Saiyan! Vegeta and Goku`s Full Throttle Power!

12. Who Is the World`s Greatest?! A Battle Royal Match to Decide!!

13. The Terrific Children! #18 Struggles

14. Time for the Main Act! The Towering Demon King!!

15. An Evil Heart Revived: The Prince of Destruction, Vegeta!

16. I`m the Strongest! The Clash: Goku vs Vegeta

17. Countdown to Revival: Destroy Bobbidi`s Ambitions!

18. The Seal Is Broken!? Gohan`s Last-Ditch Kame Hame Ha

19. Headed Straight into Despair?! The Terror of Majin Boo

20. Turn Into Sweets! The Creepy Powers of the Hungry Majin

21. I`ll Finish Off the Majin: Vegeta`s Final Fight to the Death!

22. For Those Whom He Loves... The Last Moment of the Proud Warrior!

23. The Nightmare Returns, The Immortal Monster, Majin Boo!

24. A Secret Plan to Defeat Boo, It`s Called Fusion!

25. A Faint Ray of Hope Has Appeared! Awaken, Warriors!!

26. Find the Troublemakers: Bobbidi`s Revenge Plan Begins!

27. A Trying Time: Obtain the Strength of Legends!

28. Delay Majin Boo: The Limit! Super Saiyan 3!!

29. Standing Up For Himself. Boo Rebels!

30. You`re Calling This Uncool?! The Fusion Pose Training!

31. Bye-Bye, Everybody!! Son Gokuu Returns to the Afterlife

32. Found You, Gohan! Harsh Training in the Kaioushin Realm!

33. A Merged Super-Warrior Is Born: His Name Is Gotenks!!

34. Who Will Defeat the Majin? The Strongest Man Sets Out!!

35. The Power-up Continues?! He`s Complete! Super Gotenks!

36. Born from Anger, Another Majin!

37. Buu Eats Buu, A New Majin Attacks!!

38. Rush Straight to the Catastrophe! The Time Limit is One Hour!!

39. Special Training Completed! You`re Finished Now, Majin Buu!!

40. Buu Eliminated With Ghosts! A Surefire Kamikaze Attack!!

41. The Reserved Transformation of Gotenks! Super Gotenks 3!!

42. In High Spirits! Buu-Buu Volleyball!

43. You Kept Everyone Waiting! A Reborn Gohan Returns to Earth!!

44. Buu is Overwhelmed! Ultimate Gohan`s Super Power!!

45. Buu`s Trick - Gotenks is Absorbed?!

46. The Great Kaioushin`s Bright Idea! Son Goku is Revived!!

47. A One Time Only Miracle... Will the Super Combination of Goku and That Person Succeed?

48. Invincible! The Ultimate Warrior Vegetto

49. The Ace up Buu`s Sleeve! The Warriors are Absorbed!!

50. Rescuing Gohan and Company! Goku and Vegeta`s Infiltration Mission!

51. Emergency Escape from Inside the Body! Buu`s Reverse-Transformation is the Worst!!

52. Earth Disappears!! The Original Buu`s Single Cruel Blast

53. Final Decisive Battle! A Conclusion in the Realm of the Kais!!

54. Do Your Best, Kakarrot! You Are No. 1!!

55. A One Minute Battle: Vegeta`s Life Risking Stall Tactics!

56. A Secret Plan Comes Together in a Flash. Please Grant These Two Wishes!

57. Give Me Energy! We`ll Make a Huge Spirit Bomb!!

58. The Savior of the World Is You! Everyone`s Spirit Bomb Is Completed!!

59. Son Goku Is the Strongest After All!! Majin Buu Is Annihilated

60. And So, After 10 Years... The First Tenkaichi Budokai in a Long Time!

61. Even Stronger! Goku`s Dream Never Ends!!

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#2: DarkSeer55 (15.01.2015 21:13) 0   Спам
Кай 2009 года вызвал горение, т.к был отвратительно перерисован, этот намного лучше получился! Конечно в оригинале арка интереснее
#1: Sandji2603 (17.11.2014 20:45) 0   Спам
аниме классное ! но драгонболл зет круче ! но анимеха все равно люкс .

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